Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oma & Opa visit Saipan

We knew that the only way to get Maria’s parents to Saipan would be to have a really good reason for them to come. So we used the new addition to our family, Casey, as the excuse. We explained that Casey could not travel because he does not have his passport yet, so if they want to see him, they’ll have to come to Saipan. Then we arranged the flights and got the tickets, so they could not refuse the trip. Oma and Opa arrived on Saipan early in the morning on July 4th, after having left Seattle on July 2nd. They arrived just in time to take in the Liberation Day parade that afternoon.

Their visit has been great. It seems that we have done nothing but eat since they have been here. Even Casey – of course all he does is eat, sleep, and a couple of other bodily functions. It seems like Casey has doubled in size during Oma and Opas visit. We’ve had Sunday brunch at the Hyatt, dinner on the beach at Pacific Islands Club, dinner at the Abyss Fisherman’s restaurant, dinner at Hard Rock Café, sushi at Sushiland, tacos on Tuesdays at Hamiltons, ribs at Tony Roma’s, BBQ at the World Resort for the traditional dancing show, lunch at Coffee Care, 5 choice for $5 at the street market, drinks at Oleai Beach Restaurant, and several trips to McDonalds. I’m sure that I’ve left out some meals, but they are all starting to run together now.

We have also done the standard sightseeing stuff, like driving up “north” to see Bonzai Cliff, Suicide Cliff, the Grotto, and Bird Island; to the top of Mt Tapachao; shopping at DFS; walks on the beach; flight to Tinian and back (Derek, Cole & Opa) to see the sights there, while Maria and Oma visit the spa at the Marianas Resort. In addition Oma and Opa have gotten to spend a lot of time with Cole and Casey, and even see there daughter in action on the soccer field.

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