Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cole the Photographer

Since Maria is a teacher, we usually travel somewhere over the Christmas/New Years holiday break, but instead of traveling this year, we stayed on Saipan and my sister came from Germany and spent the two week holiday break with us. Cole loved having his Aunt “T” visit. There was suddenly another person to play board and card games with and read books for him. Also, Aunt T can not resist buying Cole presents.

While Aunt T was here, one of Cole’s favorite things to do was borrow her camera and take about 100 photos at a time. No problem since it is a digital camera and it’s easy to delete undesired snaps. Before Aunt T left Saipan, she told Cole that she would get him his own camera for his birthday, which was about 5 months away. Sure enough a day after his birthday (May 18th) a package from Aunt T arrived with a small digital camera with a 256MB memory card. Cole filled the card up in a couple of days. Most of the photos are of random things around the house or the yard, but a couple of them are surprisingly good or interesting (you just have to remember that they are taken from the perspective of a 52lb six year old that is about 4 feet high).

I have posted some of my favorites to this Picasa web gallery:

Cole says his favorite subject to photograph is his friends. He took a lot of photos of the next door neighbor kids before they moved. This is his favorite photo that he has taken so far.

It is of Amon, one of Cole’s friends. The reason it is his favorite is because he surprised Amon with the camera.

This week Cole discovered the video mode on the camera. He really wanted to get a video of his baby brother crying. I think he succeeded. Check out the videos in the Picasa web album.

He has had the camera a month now, and it is not quite the novelty that is once was, but Cole still loves taking photos, so I’m sure that we’ll have many more to post in the future. ~ Derek

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